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 Vehicles And Equipment

Ni-Da currently operates a large fleet of vehicles and trailers. The trailers consist of flat deck tri axles, interlinks, side tippers, back tippers, tankers and lowbed's. Some tri axles are equipped with uprights and chains – others are fitted with side uprights. All trailers are issued with tarpaulins and load straps suitable for the task at hand. Chains and Satans are kept at head office and depots should this be needed for a specific load.  

A strict vehicle replacement program is in place to ensure that the fleet is up to date with the newest technology and specification.There are currently more than 300 interlink tippers, dedicated to carry export products from the mines directly to the harbours along the Maputo, Durban and Richardsbay corridors.


Driver Safety and Awarness


On appointment, every driver is put through a stringent training program. This training program concentrates on all aspects of safe and correct driving techniques, as well as on the individual requirements of each client. Vehicles and drivers are also equipped with all the necessary safety equipment to comply with legislation and customer requirements.

It is a long standing rule at Ni-Da that drivers should be well rested. It was established that most accidents involving heavy motor vehicles can be attributed to fatigue.

Each vehicle is equipped with a state of the art tracking system, which is a perfect tool in managing vehicle movement, and to monitor adequate daily resting periods for drivers. Drivers are encouraged to arrange with the vehicle co-coordinators for additional resting periods, rather than being tired behind the steering wheel.

The impact of hazardous spills on the environment and human life can be devastating and costly. All Ni-Da’s depots are equipped with an emergency cleanup kit to immediately attend to smaller spills. Bigger spills will be attended to by a contracted company. 


Management, Operations and Administration


Management, operations and administration are conducted by a team of well trained and highly skilled people at Ni-Da’s head office in Newcastle. The directors employ an open book management style and hereby make sure that the whole team is constantly up to date with company affairs.

The operations team is responsible to keep all clients informed and satisfied. They communicate frequently with each driver to ensure that drivers stay informed about clients and their route. Drivers report all incidents to operations, which personnel will immediately attend to and resolve.

Ni-Da places a high priority on accommodating the clients’ administrative needs, and on using the latest technology and software systems to resolve administrative matters as soon as possible. 

Communication with vehicles


Fast and effective communication is of the utmost importance, and Ni-Da prides itself in maintaining professional contact with all their clients. Every effort is made to visit client sites regarding any issues that may place the client relationship in jeopardy. The client’s needs and requirements are thoroughly researched, and accommodated as far as possible.

Ni-Da employs different means to support effective communications with drivers, personnel and clients alike. The vehicle satellite tracking system allows operational personnel to track any vehicle with as little as 30 seconds delay. This tracking system is monitored 24 hours a day and passive tracking systems can be activated by operational personnel at head office.

Vehicles are equipped with radios and all drivers are issued with cell phones. This enables office personnel, drivers and management to stay in touch, and to act quickly when required. 

Loading and Offloading of Consignment


Ni-Da aims to collect any load as soon as it is possible and ready for dispatch. As in any business, there are times that certain orders need to be prioritized. In such an instance management will proactively communicate and negotiate with the client.

Drivers employed by Ni-Da are frequently trained with regards to every aspect of loading and offloading procedures for each client. Safety, correct loading and offloading procedures, correct load securing and handling of consignment papers, are all areas in which each driver is trained. 

Ni-Da has long ago adopted an attitude of compliance and adherence to Traffic Acts. Drivers are trained not to overload and are coached in correct loading procedures for specific vehicles. Documentation related to any load are kept and completed by the driver, as well as by personnel on the load site. The daily number of loads is meticulously tracked, and loads in transit are closely monitored.

In the event that Ni-Da is required to handle the transported product, extreme care is taken to appoint only the best company with highly skilled personnel and the correct equipment to safely handle and move loads – thus minimizing the possibility of any damage to the load product.  

Workshops and Maintenance

 Ni-Da places a high value on preventative maintenance and continuously strives to keep vehicle downtime to a minimum. Vehicles are well maintained at the in-house workshop, which is accredited by vehicle suppliers. Vehicles are scheduled for two days maintenance per month, with all services done as prescribed by manufacturers. Back up vehicles are available on short notice, should excessive down time occur.

 Proper breakdown procedures are in place to deal promptly and effectively with all such incidents. En-route breakdowns are handled by Ni-Da’s on-site workshop in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers, and are resolved in the shortest possible time. Clients are kept informed of any possible delays in delivery, as vehicle controllers are in constant communications with technicians and the driver.

Ni-Da has successfully built a countrywide network of capable and reliable companies, assisting with breakdowns, load shifting, accidents, driver illness, or any other situation that may arise.   

 ECO Friendly Washbay

Ni-Da recently invested in a new eco friendly wash bay, contributing to a greener environment. The system is 100% self sufficient due to water being utilized from a reservoir designed to capture and maintain rain water. 95% of the used water is recycled for reuse and the cleaning agents are biodegradable.

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Staff Upliftment and Retainment 

Ni-Da is very conscious of the social environment and the local communities within which it operates. The local communities play a vital role in providing the company with the necessary skills and expertise. The Sabona Community Trust was exactly created to give back to the local communities, and to simultaneously create opportunities for social upliftment and empowerment.

External training needs, such as additional vehicle training, are provided, and drivers are forced to attend an annual external driving course presented by the different Manufacturers Driver Academies. Each driver also attends a monthly in-house training session and briefing, where transport and personnel matters are discuss, staff is also encouraged to participate in idea generation and decision-making.

Ni-Da continuously strives to improve the working environment and conditions of its employees. Therefore a beautiful and practical working environment was created to make all staff feel welcome and safe. Not only were the offices revamped, but additional sleepover quarters were added, as well as additional storage and workshop space.

Terms & Conditions

Ni-Da Transport terms and conditions are listed in the link below..


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