Corporate Information

 The Ni-Da Group has grown from strength to strength, and today consists of several divisions. Apart from the strong transport division, it also boasts a stone processing and sand division, Screening and Crushing, Earth moving, Construction, Property and Hospitality divisions.The Group’s property portfolio well exceeds R 2.5 billion and is continuously expanding.


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BEE Structures  


Ni-Da Transport is involved with various BEE Structures in order to comply with government’s prescriptions in terms of Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment within the transport and other sectors. We are committed not only to the finance of such entities, but to create a platform for them from where to secure big contracts and then successfully manage them whilst building up their own capital structure and developing into a sustainable and profitable organization able to further grow into independent businesses. Ni-Da Transport finance, supply work and vehicles and develop the skills and knowledge that would be beneficial to the future of that entity and of South Africa.


SABONA Community Trust

The sole purpose for which the Sabona Community Trust was formed is to provide for upliftment to local communities within which Ni-Da Transport operates. Upliftment projects as evaluated and prioritized by the trustees of the trust. The following is quoted from the Memorandum when the Trust was formed:

The sole object for which the trust is created is for ecclesiastical, educational or charitable purposes of a public character in the Republic of South Africa in terms of Section 10(1) F of the Income Tax Act 1962, with special reference to the black community in the Republic of South Africa and in the independent states which formerly formed part of the Republic of South Africa” 

“12.2 The beneficiaries referred to in 12.1 are: 

Welfare organizations as defined in Act No. 100 of 1978 or any statutory amendment or substitution therefore in regard to welfare organizations, provided that only welfare organizations whose activities are concerned with the interests of the South African public and which are recognized by the Department of Inland Revenue as charitable institutions of a public character shall benefit hereunder; 

Any institution in the Republic of South Africa for the advancement of science or art or of a charitable, educational or ecclesiastical nature, the operations whereof are in the interests of the public of the Republic of South Africa and which are recognized as such by the Department of Inland Revenue. 
Any company registered or deemed to be registered under Section 21 of the Companies Act 1962 as amended, or under Section 21 of the Companies Act 1973 as amended, and the operations of which and/or the purposes to which its income is required to be deducted have been accepted by the Minister of Finance within Section 56(1) (i) and /or Section 56(1) (i) of the Income Tax Act 1962, as amended.”


BEE Contractors  

The vision with utilizing the BEE Contractors is to encourage and empower previously disadvantaged individuals to enter and participate in the current fast-growing transport environment. 
These contractors are assisted in obtaining the necessary skills and financial needs to effectively enter, and successfully perform, in the very competitive transport market.
The ultimate goal is to assist these contractors to eventually become profitable entities able to operate at it’s own